İş, insan ve hayatla ilgili konularda kendini beslemek; ilave enerji veya motivasyon edinmek isteyenler için seçtiğimiz bazı siteler…
İş ve Yönetim Öğretmenlerinden:

Adrian Slywotzky: Consultant and the author of several books on economic theory & management


Al & Laura Ries: The Positioning Pioneers

C. K. Prahalad: Business Thinker, Management Guru

Charles Handy: Social Philosopher

Clayton Christensen: HBS Professor and Disruptive Innovation Expert

Gary Hamel: Leading expert on strategy & management innovation

Geary A. Rummler: Performance & Process Improvement Guru


Henry Mintzberg: Academic and author on business & management

Jack Trout & Partners: Global Leaders in Strategic Positioning

Jack Welch: Legendary CEO of GE (1981-2001)

James Champy: Business Consultant & Organizational Theorist

James Heskett: UPS Foundation Professor of Business Logistics, Emeritus

John Kotter: World recognized expert on change management & leadership

Ken Blanchard: Management Expert and Author of 60+ books

Michael Hammer: World Leader of Process Redesign

Michael Porter: Most cited author in business & economics

Paul Hersey: Behavioral Scientist, The Father of Situational Leadership Model

Peter Drucker: The Father of Modern Management

Philip Kotler: The Father of Modern Marketing

Price Pritchett: Business Advisor, Speaker And Author Specializing in Mergers, Culture And Organizational Change

Russell L. Ackoff: A Pioneer in the Field of Systems Thinking, Management Science and Operations Research

Seth Godin: Entreprenur, Teacher, Author

Tom Peters: In Search of Excellence

W. Edwards Deming: TQM Thinker, Engineer, Statistician and Consultant

İş Liderlerinden:


Bill Gates: Founder of world’s largest software business, philanthropist

Elon Musk: Business magnate, investor and engineer

Jack Ma: Co-founder and executive chairman of Alibaba.Com

Jeff Bezos: Founder and CEO of Amazon.Com

Steve Jobs: Co-founder of Apple Inc.

Warren Buffett: One of the most successful investors of all time




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