A Two-Day Seminar for Decision Makers

February 12-13, 2019



The businesses around the globe have come to operate in an unprecedented era of constant turmoil and navigate through myriad pitfalls. In this environment, non-performing loans exceeding 20%, a significant number of Turkish businesses are now facing imminent or near default and insolvency issues. The remedies they seek and depend on are the bail-out alternatives offered by the State or on any other outside help, over which they can exert less than little control. This seminar aims to help decision makers reclaim the helm and synchronize their businesses.


In business, the common language is the numbers. For fluent proficiency though, a certain vision, not drowned in legal lingo or number crunching, needs to be acquired to form a turn-around perception not as a last resort but as a benchmark reference methodology to target long-term sustainability and a “synchronized” business.




Module-1: Objectives, Intro & Overview

  • The Course Objectives  

  • Familiarization & Overview of the Comprehensive Approach 

  • Fundamental Philosophy and Underlying Aspects  

  • Comparatives in Different Approaches

  • Variations in Perspective


Module-2: Current Issues, Definitions, Awareness  

  • What Makes Turnaround a Compelling Process?  

  • Prevailing Common Issues 

  • Fundamental Definitions & Overview  

  • Why an Awareness Is Necessary


Module-3: Diagnostic Perspectives & Aspects

  • An Interactive Session to Explore the Common Causes  

  • How Common Causes Interact  

  • Circumstantial Aspects Leading To Insolvency


Module-4: Deconstruction (Causality and Analysis) 

  • Adopting the Right Vision & Attaining Impartiality

  • Deconstructing Operational & Managerial Functions

  • How to Quantify the Qualitative

  • Prescriptions vs. Customized Remedies

Module-5: Planning Phase

  • Legal Aspects

  • Debt Management

  • Priorities

  • Strategizing and the Business Plan

  • How to Crunch Numbers “The New Way”


Module-6: Pitching & Roadshow Aspects

  • Pitching Approaches

  • Working the Sonar

  • Setting the Scope


Module-7: Apply & Execute

  • The Infrastructure

  • Feedback and Monitoring Aspects

  • Ultimate Success Markers

  • Survival Mode Functions

  • Navigation


Module-8: Measurement & Assessments

  • Keeping the Course

  • Perpetual Agenda

  • Monitoring & Reporting

  • Calendar - To- Numbers

  • Performance Markers

  • Wrap-up & Close



Seminar Leader: Mr. O. Faruk KAHRAMAN


Omer Faruk Kahraman was born in 1963 in Istanbul. Following double majors in Humanities at Istanbul University, he received an MBA from Istanbul University and a Master’s in Accounting & Finance from Marmara University. After a 10-year career at Ernst&Young’ s Istanbul and Philadelphia Offices, he joined the executive ranks at TEB Financial Holdings Inc. (now BNP Paribas) as an investment executive and founded TEB Private Capital Ltd., in the UK, the private equity and venture capital investing arm of the conglomerate. He left the conglomerate to establish a hedge fund management practice specializing in late stage technology investing in the US, which later became an independent contractor for OPIC of the US Treasury. For the past decade he mainly focused on turnarounds in the upper mid-market segment as well as direct investments in early stage ventures.  The value of closings personally managed to date exceeds 1 billion US Dollars. Mr. Kahraman brings in a diversity of knowledge and experience in cross-border investing, fund management, asset management, debt management, lending and private placements. He is a speaker and a seminar leader of note and is currently serving on the Boards of several upper mid -market businesses.

Participation Fee: 2,500.-TL + VAT (18 %) per person.

Venue: Nidakule Göztepe, Istanbul


Date: February 12-13, 2019 | Seminar Hours: 09:30-17:00

 Registration: Ms. Elvin Zaloglu + 90 216 468 8880 | elvin@strata.com.tr